1. What’s the ultimate goal?

There is so many things that you can seek to achieve from digital advertising. Are you looking to gain share of mind, engagement, press, sign ups? You should have one singular goal in mind with each campaign. You will get spillover from one to the other but each goal comes with a different strategy.

  1. Don’t promote ads, Promote content

So many companies create sponsored posts on Facebook feeds that look identical to banner advertisements. That is not the point of social networks. Think of yourself as a chameleon looking to engage with the group and go relatively unnoticed. Create content that is both interesting and viral worthy.

  1. Look at details with a fine tooth comb

Before spending any money online it is essential to have all the tools in front of you. This will often come in the form of a media kit letting you know the sites analytics regarding demographics, engagement, psychographics etc. Ask for anything you don’t see. They have it. Any PR company that handles media buying will negotiate heavily based on these rate cards.

  1. Only boost what is good

Bad content won’t go far no matter how many eyeballs you push it in front of. Rethink your strategy instead doing the “spray and pray” marketing method.

  1. Invest in SEO

I am constantly in awe by the amount of companies that don’t invest in their SEO. SEO can in essence work as free leads for the lifetime of your business. Companies are all too happy to spend money on Google Adwords at $5 a click instead of investing in hiring an SEO company which could reduce that click to in essence 1/5 of that.


Jordan Whelan, BCom ’08, is an entrepreneur who serves as president of Media Buying and Strategy Agency, Grey Smoke Media. His latest e-commerce venture, Framestr allows users to get paid cash for sharing products among friends