The “mobile university”.

A content channel that is becoming an increasingly effective source of information on most any topic.


Convenience, maybe. Improved quality of podcasting apps? Better content?

…here’s a thought.

Learning the nuances of startup marketing. Listening to the success and horror stories of famous entrepreneurs. All over a cup of coffee, or morning commute… Why not?!

The following is a list of the best podcasts for entrepreneurs, business leaders, marketers and strategists.

When you decide to tune in, is ultimately up to you. But I’m in favour of the early podcast/coffee combination.


10. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

From Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner

Watch Here: http://ecorner.stanford.edu/podcasts.html

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders | Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner

The Details: More a collection of recorded lectures than a podcast, Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders hosts entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and industry experts as they discuss life experiences and business insights.

Both conversational and informative, ETL is a glimpse into the minds of the world’s prominent thought leaders.

9. Mixergy

From Andrew Warner

Watch Here: http://mixergy.com/interviews/

Mixergy | Andrew Warner

The Details: Mixergy is all about business tips for startups by proven entrepreneurs.

Andrew Warner’s goal?

“to introduce you to doers and thinkers whose ideas and stories are so powerful that just hearing them will change you.”

And after listening to a few of these podcast interviews, you’ll be hard-pressed to disagree.

8. Duct Tape Marketing

with John Jantsch

Watch Here: http://www.ducttapemarketing.com/blog/category/podcast/

Duct Tape Marketing | John Jantsch

The Details: The Duct Tape Marketing podcast delivers practical marketing strategies through conversations with entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized business owners.

Listed as a Forbes favourite for marketing and small business, this podcast — though a little lengthy at times, is one you don’t want to miss. Great for early mornings or an afternoon unwind.

7. HBR IdeaCast

From Harvard Business Review

Watch Here: http://feeds.harvardbusiness.org/harvardbusiness/ideacast

HBR IdeaCast | Harvard Business Review

The Details: The HBR IdeaCast is a weekly podcast of advice and observations from the leading minds in business.

Past guests include Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

A variety of topics. A variety of experts. In 25 minutes, or less.

6. The $100 MBA Show

with Omar Zenhom

Watch Here: http://100mba.net/show/

The $100 MBA Show | Omar Zenhom

The Details: Good vibes and great business lessons. Everyday Omar offers up a 10 minute podcast covering a plethora of business topics.

Winning iTunes’ 2014 Best of Podcasts, Omar’s $100 MBA Show is a quick and jam-packed podcast to throw on during your morning (or evening) commute… and who doesn’t like a catchy intro tune? Thank-you, Omar.

5. Internet Business Mastery

with Jeremy Fransden and Jason Van Orden

Watch Here: http://www.internetbusinessmastery.com/podcast/

Internet Business Mastery | Jeremy Fransden & Jason Van Orden

The Details: Leaving the corporate cubicle and building 7-figure incomes online, Jeremy and Jason discuss the how-to of Internet Business Mastery.

Sound technical?

Fear not! The candid banter between Jeremy and Jason makes you feel apart of the conversation, even as they tackle the more technical subjects.

Dedicated to helping you escape the 9–5. This is what internet business mastery is all about.

4. Under The Influence

with Terry O’Reilly

Watch Here: http://www.cbc.ca/radio/undertheinfluence

Under The Influence | Terry O’Reilly

The Details: Traditional push marketing has faded, welcoming a two-way conversation between consumers and producers.

In Under The Influence, Terry O’Reilly guides listeners through marketing blunders and wonders, both old and new; leaving the age of persuasion for the ‘era of influence’. Peppered with humour and insight, this is a must listen for anyone with an ear for marketing and business.

3. Startup School

with Seth Godin

Watch Here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/seth-godins-startup-school/id566985370?mt=2

Startup School | Seth Godin

The Details: Seth Godin’s Startup School is a mini series in which the marketing guru himself guides a group of new entrepreneurs through the process of launching their first business.

Covering the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ of launching a venture, Seth uses personal stories to build a relatable, and genuine narrative for the audience.A must listen.

2. The Tim Ferris Show

From Tim Ferris

Watch Here: http://fourhourworkweek.com/podcast/

The Time Ferris Show | Tim Ferris

The Details: Interviewing the worlds top performers, billionaire investors, all the way to chess prodigies. Tim Ferris tries to dissect how they do what they do. The tools, the tips, the tricks.

The Tim Ferris show is a must listen for anyone interested in absorbing the best, from the best.

1. Entrepreneur on Fire

with John Lee Dumas

Watch Here: http://www.entrepreneuronfire.com/podcast/

Entrepreneur On Fire | John Lee Dumas

The details: Seven days a week J.L.D. gives ‘Fire Nation’ a deep, energetic, and yet refreshingly grounded take on entrepreneurship. Interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs — each with unique stories and takeaways, John’s formatted interview-style is exceptionally easy to follow and is ripe with anticipation.

Budding entrepreneurs, ‘wantrapreneurs’, ‘psypreneurs’, whoever you are this podcast breaks down the barriers of entrepreneurship and will light a ‘fire’ under your ass.

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