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Below are the teams that have moved forward from the second round of competition. Click on each logo to view more about the company.

GoSonik is developing a safe, drug and chemical free alternative to control fleas and ticks that uses acoustic technology to keep these pests away from pets. This wearable device will feature rechargeable batteries and a variable output that is controlled using a smartphone app.

Mycelia is producing sustainable and ethically sourced messenger bags made from mushroom leather.

Stakt Lunch does fitness nutrition for you, without the hassle of cooking or cleaning.  With calculated caloric intake and measured amounts of proteins and carbs, we do all the counting for you.

Surround Shower is a dual headed shower head unit with a fixed head, as well as a maneuverable one. The second shower head can be placed wherever you want, fastening to the wall with industrial strength suction cups. SurroundShower splits the water at the source, allowing for maximum water coverage when showering without sacrificing water pressure or using any additional water.

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