Why get involved with The Spark Zone?


The Spark Zone can help you explore new ideas, launch entrepreneurial ventures, and develop social innovations. Our team provides students opportunities to develop their entrepreneurial side, hosting events throughout the year at which students are able to learn from like-minded peers, potential mentors and industry experts. You can also book office and meeting spaces, get advice from professional consultants before your big client meeting, or even use one of our 3D printers to create your prototype.

Students with great ideas sometimes need a bit of guidance from those who have gone before them. As collaboration with the external community is often a difference-maker for student entrepreneurs, The Spark Zone can help students by introducing them to mentors and providing access to key industry professionals.

We are dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship across our four partner institutions and helping students reach their full potential by aiding in the development of their ideas. Our team members are excited to assist the bright minds of today as they work on tomorrow’s big ideas.