Your Macros, On Delivery

Wholesome Eats. Healthy Cheats

From our Kitchen to your Door.


Stakt Lunch does fitness nutrition for you, without the hassle of cooking or cleaning.  With calculated caloric intake and measured amounts of proteins and carbs, we do all the counting for you.

For breakfast, lunch or dinner, – our macro nutrient tailored meals provide wholesome eats and healthy cheats – on delivery – so that you can skip rope, and the dishes – all while enjoying a variety of meals from the mediteranean, latin america – and homegrown staples – with new recipes always on the go.

We make fitness food super easy

so you can skip rope, and the dishes

By supporting our campaign, you’re saying a healthy diet needs more than just protein bars and shakes

you’re helping us assure that you have nutritious, and delicious meals – fuelled by protein, fibres, and complex carbohydrates – feeding your growth, and helping you get the gains you deserve

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