Hi there. Since we’re launching this site for The Spark Zone, I suppose we ought to try to fill it with content; resources, bios, calendar, etc… oh, and a blog. Gotta blog, right? Actually, I think what we’re going to do here is offer lots of people opportunities to blog for us. Student entrepreneurs, faculty, mentors, staff, industry experts… everyone.

So. Welcome to The Spark Zone. It’s great to see you here and hopefully this is just the start for you. Getting our website up and running is a big deal for us, as for some time now we have been working with the four partner institutions to develop what we feel will help us take our student innovators and entrepreneurs to the next level. For months it has been ‘What about if we…’ and ‘Do you think students would be interested in…’ as we prepared ourselves for the coming waves of students. Now here we are, on the cusp of a New Year, with students in the midst of exams, and we are champing at the bit to get moving into the next semester.

Over the coming months our students will serve as guinea pigs as we identify what entrepreneurial students want to see on their respective campus. We know they want speakers, so watch for our monthly speaker series beginning in January. They also want opportunities to pitch their ideas, so we are moving forward with a bi-weekly pitch series, also launching in January. Mentors and other professionals? Sure, we can help with this, too. Just let us know what you need help with and we’ll figure out who best to align you with.

If hackathons and start-up weekends are your thing, this area is exploding with opportunities to get involved. We can help you prepare for the event if it is hosted elsewhere, or you can strut your creative, team-first stuff at one held here at The Spark Zone. Either way, we simply want to see our students rolling up their sleeves with like-minded strangers in an attempt to come up with the next big innovation or a feasible solution to an age-old issue. On our end, we’ll be hosting a social hack early in the New Year so watch for it.

Training? Our students can access a variety of small business training programs through The Spark Zone, and are encouraged to take advantage of all that is available while still in school. Because life is short, folks, and you must utilize the supports and opportunities that lie in front of you while they remain. To put it another way, once you graduate you have to pay a ton of money for training, so make hay while the sun shines!

Design and prototypes, you ask? With our partnership spanning four post-secondary institutions, our students are able to tap into resources offered at each. So let us know when you need to create your own prototype on one of our 3D printers. Or if you need to use CAD Technology we can help you there, too.

We can book you a time slot with one of our professional consultants if you need their guidance. You can book one of our office spaces for your client meeting, or bring your whole team in for a group brainstorm in one of our boardrooms. Heck, we might even treat you to a coffee while you’re here. Whatever keeps you coming back!

Again, welcome to The Spark Zone. And thanks for coming! We can’t wait to see what you will create while you are here.