The Spark Zone New Product Competition


What is it?  Why Should You Join?

Student teams will create a new product in a specified category over a period of about 6 months.

It is an opportunity to:

  • Create a consumer product that can become the “next big thing”
  • Show your creative and innovative skills
  • Learn the process of creating a new product and taking it to market
  • Gain important skills in market assessment, new product and prototype development, and 3D printing.


  • Everyone will get the opportunity to interact with mentors/coaches, attend sessions that will teach them how to create and launch new products in the market.
  • Winners will get prizes worth $10,000, including:
    • Cash of up to $5000
    • New product launch coaching
    • Accounting or legal services
    • Opportunity to meet with investors and buyers from retail companies


  • Teams of 2-5 students can sign-up or individuals can sign-up and then join a team
  • Students from SMU, MSVU, NSCAD, NSCC and DAL are eligible to participate
  • At least 1 team member MUST be from SMU
  • Students can be from any degree program and can be from any year

** Please note that this competition is only open to students at the above mentioned institutions**


You have been hired to join the Product Innovation Department at a leading company in the retail and services sector. You have been tasked with developing a minimum viable product (MVP) and bringing it to market. Your team consists of 2-5 ambitious employees; collectively you will brainstorm, validate your idea and talk to potential customers. Once you have a better idea of your concept through customer discovery you will create your MVP. Once the MVP is created, you will pitch the new creation to the CEO of the company.


Dec-5The Spark Zone Website
Registration opens and can be submitted on the Spark Zone website.



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