Computer repair, organic mushroom farms, t-shirt design, mobile battery development, and a moving business: not the typical profile of a soon-to-be graduate, but Jacob Campbell is far from typical. With computer repair being a means to an end, start-up resources for mushroom farming and mobile technology being too costly, and the t-shirt market being over-saturated, Campbell has never been afraid to fall-down if it will teach him how to stand back up.


With temp jobs no longer cutting it, Campbell toyed with several ideas to create a more reliable source of income. After a few iterations, Campbell raised the capital (with his business partner, Jason Lee) to buy a truck and start Superb Moving Company.


Originating from Sierra Leone, Campbell is a Saint Mary’s University student, in his final year of International Development Studies. Entrepreneurship has always called to Campbell, but with numbers and math being far from an area of interest, he has taken the approach of thinking long-term with his entrepreneurial vision. Although Superb Moving Company primarily moves families to new homes, Campbell sees this as his opportunity to scale into the world of moving more than just people and their belongings. With international trade and globalized business opportunities being his true passion, Campbell plans to gain experience in a similar field before shifting from local moving and into international commercial shipments and logistics.


Jacob Campbell has taken full advantage of the services made available to him on campus, participating in the Enactus Saint Mary’s project, the Start-Up 100, and the Spark Zone’s New Product Competition. Through the Start-Up 100, Campbell has learned that he needs to be able to put his businesses on autopilot, so that he can give back and pursue new opportunities. Campbell hopes to one day return home to rebuild areas in Sierra Leone, as he recognizes that very few people ever do.

“I don’t blame them; you’re leaving a place where you maybe get electricity three of seven days of the week. But there’s a new way of thinking, and we need to come back and apply the skills we’ve learned from the outside.”


Campbell has utilized the Spark Zone to its fullest capacity by relishing opportunities to communicate ideas, receive guidance, and bring ideas to life through 3D printed prototyping.

“I’ve done a few different Spark Zone events, to build my skills. It has helped me a lot, both professionally and intimately. Before, I wasn’t really comfortable with presenting and pitching, but I became more sure of myself and got over what I was initially scared of.”


Along with his new website and social media presence, Campbell is taking the word-of-mouth approach and approaching apartment buildings, landlords, and caterers to aid in his transition into more sustainable moving contracts. Although Campbell is still in the process of securing enough contracts to make Superb Moving Company his full-time job, it is impossible to deny that this entrepreneur is moving in the right direction.


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