About Us

What is The Spark Zone?

Utilizing physical and virtual spaces, The Spark Zone brings together students and community members to create, develop and ultimately launch business ideas and social innovations.  Partners at Saint Mary’s University, NSCAD University, Mount Saint Vincent University, Nova Scotia Community College, University of King’s College, and the Atlantic School of Theology provide opportunities for people to connect and then nurture those connections as ideas become reality.

The Spark Zone provides students access to a variety of services and supports at each partner institution, offering opportunities for both students and community members interested in developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

The Spark Zone can help you explore new ideas, launch entrepreneurial ventures, and develop social innovations. Our team provides students opportunities to develop their entrepreneurial side, hosting events throughout the year at which students are able to learn from like-minded peers, potential mentors and industry experts. You can also book office and meeting spaces, get advice from professional consultants before your big client meeting, or even use one of our 3D printers to create your prototype.

Students with great ideas sometimes need a bit of guidance from those who have gone before them. As collaboration with the external community is often a difference-maker for student entrepreneurs, The Spark Zone can help students by introducing them to mentors and providing access to key industry professionals.

We are dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship across our four partner institutions and helping students reach their full potential by aiding in the development of their ideas. Our team members are excited to assist the bright minds of today as they work on tomorrow’s big ideas.


Partner Institutions


960 Tower Road

Halifax, NS | B3H 2Y4


Saint Mary’s University is best known for having nationally leading programs in business,astronomy,chemistry and international development studies as well, one of the best football and men’s hockey programs in Canada.

Saint Mary’s University is now a modern, urban university with more than 7,250 full and part-time students, Saint Mary’s continues to make educational inroads into supports for students with disabilities.

The university has also taken a leading role in the global community and boasts over 40,000 alumni in more than 140 countries. A slew of international partnerships speak to our commitment to educating citizens of the world and our reputation for diversity is evidenced in the approximately 25% of our students who come from countries other than Canada.

Entrepreneurship at SMU:

Undergraduate: Entrepreneurship offered as a major in the Commerce and Arts programs. A co-op option is also available.

Sample courses offered:

  • Structuring the Startup
  • Entrepreneurship: Theory and Concepts
  • New Venture Opportunities
  • Strategic Management
  • Small Business Performance Improvement
  • Family Business


Graduate: Master of Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MTEI)

The Master of Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation curriculum takes knowledge and skills from management, marketing, leadership, finance, accounting, communications, economics and information technology and integrates them with best practices from industry to produce sharp, relevant learning. Students will access investors and partners in their quest to become a successful technology entrepreneur and innovator. MTEI is a full-time graduate studies program. www.smu.ca/academics/sobey/master-technology-entrepreneurship-innovation

Sobey School Business Development Centre: The Sobey School Business Development Centre offers undergraduates, graduates, and post-graduates from all disciplines the opportunity to increase their awareness of entrepreneurship as a career option, as well as to start or expand their own business. The Centre provides business advice through one-on-one counseling, technical expertise, seminars, workshops, competitions and networking opportunities with the business community. Staff are available to provide students with the tools and training necessary to create sustainable full or part-time businesses.

Contact Info:

Tel: 902.491-6500

e-mail: [email protected]


Hands on opportunities: There are many opportunities to take classroom learning to the next level by getting direct business experience that will help you succeed. Take part in workshops, events and competitions on campus and through the Business Development Centre. Compete in business competitions and learn how to create and grow your own business. Our Student Entrepreneurship Centre gives students the advice, tools and support they need to create sustainable full or part-time businesses. You can also participate in Enactus, an international network of student entrepreneurs. You can also participate in Enactus, an international network of student entrepreneurs.



166 Bedford Highway

Halifax, NS | B3M 2J6


Originally established in 1873 by the Sisters of Charity, Mount Saint Vincent University was one of the only institutions of higher education for women in Canada. It provided women with the opportunity to learn and participate equally in society. Now home to a diverse mix of 4,000 men and women from all over the world, the Mount is recognized for its specialized programs in professional studies, education, and arts and science. As a leader among universities, the Mount offers access to many unique opportunities that enables both graduate and undergraduate students to enhance their education and kick-start their career. Entrepreneurship is an emerging concept on campus at the Mount. With new resources becoming available all the time, the Mount will help students sort their ideas and teach students the basics of starting and maintaining a business. From entrepreneurship classes to clubs to mentoring opportunities, the Mount is pleased to offer a variety of resources for students who are looking to channel their entrepreneurial side.

Business and Tourism Department: The Mount’s Business and Tourism Department offers many activities for students interested in entrepreneurship. They host many events throughout the year to engage students in business activities, entrepreneurship activities, networking opportunities, and more.

The Centre for Women in Business, Mount Saint Vincent University: A leader in entrepreneurial growth, the Centre for Women in Business is Canada’s only university- based business development centre exclusively for women. It opened in 1992 with the support of Mount Saint Vincent University and Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and, as of September 2014, has assisted just under 12,000 women entrepreneurs through business management training, trade missions, research, one-on-one advisories, networking and a membership program. For more information, please visit centreforwomeninbusiness.ca or call 902.457.6449; toll-free at 888.776.9022.

Connect with us:







5163 Duke Street

Halifax, NS | B3J 3J6


One of Canada’s oldest independent cultural institutions, NSCAD University continues to be regarded as a principal centre for education and research in visual culture in North America.

After an experimental foundation year, students gradually focus in order to become specialists in some aspect of art, craft, design or historical and critical studies. They are educated to think critically, to balance academic issues with practical concerns in the studio, and to explore how the visual arts give meaning to both individual and community life.

Services and Facilities

Design Printshop

Design Print Services primarily supports our communication design programs, though its resources are available to the entire university community. Complete printing facilities enable users to participate in any phase of the printing process, from pre-press through to bindery functions. Design Print Services offers a small computer lab, with four Macintosh computers and scanners for digital production and output.

Fabrication Services

Students can make use of NSCAD’s fabrication facilities, including fully equipped metal shop, wood shop, plastic shop and rapid prototyping technology (3D printer, laser cutter) are available at the Port Campus with studio spaces available for advanced level students.

Film and Media Services

NSCAD’s Alliance Atlantis Academy Building houses a 3,000 square foot soundstage equipped with acoustic baffling, access to high-end digital video cameras, edit suites, professional lighting and grip equipment, as well as a Cineflux screening auditorium.


Currently housing a collection of over 50,000 books and periodicals in the visual and media arts, craft, fashion, and design, the NSCAD University Library is the only Library in Atlantic Canada specializing in the fine arts and design fields.

Photographic Services

Photographic Services offers generous access to equipment and facilities for all members of the university community, including students in Extended Studies courses. The photo area supports black and white and digital imaging processes, with teaching, laboratory and specialized production areas. The photography department also has a full lab of MacPro desktop computers. Students enrolled in advanced photography courses enjoy 24-hour access.


Whether they be in the arts, craft, film or design, NSCAD offers a unique and diverse body of young minds ready to take on whatever is thrown their way. If you require a creative mind to be part of your project simply contact one of NSCAD’s administrative assistants:

Ken Rice

Division of Art History and Critical Studies


[email protected]


Heather Harris

Division of Craft

Division of Design


[email protected]


Joann Reynolds Farmer

Division of Fine Arts

Division of Media Arts


[email protected]



21 Woodlawn Road

Dartmouth, NS | B2W 2R7


Nova Scotia Community College, is one of Nova Scotia’s largest and most diverse families. Each year, more than 25,000 students choose to grow and learn at this institution. They’re dedicated to building Nova Scotia’s economy and quality of life through education and innovation transforming Nova Scotia one learner at a time. NSCC’s applied research focus is an extension of its mission to support the economic and social development of the province of Nova Scotia. Expansion of capacity and scope of applied research projects since 2000 has resulted in a multi-million dollar research operation that is equipped to respond to the needs of the population.

What we do

NSCC Entrepreneurship provides entrepreneurial skill awareness and development opportunities for students, faculty and staff.

  • Free Entrepreneurial Resources –Free access to entrepreneurial resources including workshops, presentations, activities, lesson plans, templates, toolkits and more.
  • Financial Support – For entrepreneurship activities. To learn more about this financial support and how to access available funds visit http://e2.nscc.ca/en/facilitate/resources/t034
  • Entrepreneurship Consulting:
    • Business Consulting –One-on-one business consulting for students, staff and faculty who are interested in starting a business or want to take their existing businesses to the next level. We offer guidance in the areas of business plan development, marketing, HR, government regulations, financing and more.
    • Curriculum Consulting – One-on-one curriculum consulting and support to integrate entrepreneurship into the classroom. We offer guidance on integrating tools such as the business model canvas, business plans, software, activities and more.
  • Professional Development – Campus and centrally offered PD sessions for staff and faculty to learn how to infuse entrepreneurial elements in the work that they do through.
  • College Wide Activities – We develop and run college wide entrepreneurial activities for students, staff and faculty including video challenges, professional development opportunities, pitch competitions, ideas competitions, hackathons, buy local pledges and many more. Stay tuned for upcoming events by following us on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Community Connections – Entrepreneurial Service Providers and community resources – we work closely with other entrepreneurial service providers and connect students/staff to relevant resources and supports available in our communities.

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved, contact Lucy Stoops – Administrative Assistant at 902-491-2316 or at [email protected].




660 Francklyn Street

Halifax, Nova Scotia | B3H 3B6


Leaders come in many forms. Atlantic School of Theology helps develop post-graduate students for ministry, as well as for meeting the theological and ethical challenges of today’s world. At AST, students are able to explore new avenues for theological education such as interfaith dialogue, which is becoming a major part of the societal context in which ministry and community leadership must now exercise its calling.



6350 Coburg Rd,

Halifax, NS

B3H 2A1


King’s is a small and immersive liberal arts college located in vibrant Halifax on Canada’s east coast. Our renowned humanities and journalism programs, as well as our science and music degrees, are all interdisciplinary. With a student population of about 1,000, King’s students enjoy a rich academic experience in a close-knit community of scholars. King’s unique partnership with neighbouring Dalhousie University, one of Canada’s 15 research-intensive universities, gives students many opportunities to combine and customize degrees.